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Winter Storm Warning


The forecast is calling for hazardously cold weather early next week.  Below freezing temps are supposed to move into our area Saturday night through Tuesday.  

Please check on your neighbors and the elderly.  There will be a warming station setup at the Celeste Volunteer Fire Department or please reach out if someone is needing assistance.

Make sure to protect your pipes, be sure all sprinkler heads are open and drained, wrap all outdoor faucets with insulated materials, open cabinets and doors to ensure warm air flow around indoor pipes. 

Bring your pets inside or provide a warm and dry shelter out of the wind with plenty of fresh water.

Stock up on essentials.

If you have a water or sewer emergency please call 903-408-0197, for the call CVFD 903-568-4713 or if you have a medical emergency please call 911.

Hoping everyone stays safe and warm.